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The PauHana Fire Pit & Grill Combo

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  • Get the Most Out of Your PauHana Fire Pit! This "upgrade" includes our all steel, pick-up surface Grill. Your PauHana fire pit has become the most versatile fire pit/cooker on the market. Nothing beats the joy of cooking over a wood fire grill! This sturdy, versatile cooker provides the resourceful chef a world of options.

  • Fire Bowl - 1/4-inch heat-treated, laminated steel; 30-inch diameter, 15" deep (90 lbs)
    Stand - all steel solid support (30 lbs)
    Elevation Brackets (3) - this steel, drop in place for 3" lift on surface. Enables the bowl to be tilted for Directional Warmth. (2.5 lbs each)
    Grill - all steel, smooth pick-up surface (10 lbs)
    Oyster Plate/Snuffer - solid expanded steel (40 lbs)
    Fire Tongs1" wide, 1/8" thick, 36" long (4 lbs)