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PauHana Pit & Grill: The Most Versatile Fire Pit Out There.

The PauHana Fire Pit & Grill is uniquely versatile. Great for backyard patio cooking or fire pit conversation, the PauHana offers a bounty of options. It’s gives you the heat you need for outdoor gatherings in cool weather plus multiple cooking surfaces for anything from wild game to oysters. The 1/4" heat-treated laminated steel bowl features tilting brackets to allow directional warmth. Even set it up inside the great room with proper ventilation. When it’s not in use, consider adding a plywood cover and converting it into a table.

A Fire Pit Cooker

Nothing beats the joy of cooking over a wood fire grill as friends gather around the day’s catch or kill sharing stories as the unmistakable aroma of hickory, mesquite, cherry or pecan envelopes the meat, imparting a flavor that can’t be duplicated in kitchen. PauHana delivers that and more with an expanded steel snuffer that doubles as a warming plate for cooking oysters, fajitas, frying eggs, warming foods and more. This sturdy, versatile cooker provides the resourceful chef a world of options.


The Absolute Best Fire Pit Warmer

PauHana BracketIf you are finished cooking or just want to add to the ambience of the evening, here’s where PauHana really shines! Unlike a typical fire pit, the unique set up of the PauHana gives you a sturdy steel directional bowl! On those fall or winter nights when it’s all about the warmth, you can use the removable elevation brackets which allow the bowl to be tilted for directional warmth. Tilt the bowl and aim the heat directly at your friends and family. It’s the most efficient and beautiful outdoor experience you’ve ever had!