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Rugged Construction Built to Last a Lifetime

PauHana's Rugged Construction

The PauHana Pit & Grill is created to stand up to both Father Time and Mother Nature. We intend for PauHana to be the last fire pit or cooker you’ll ever buy. Fabricated out of quarter-inch heat-treated laminated steel, it’s engineered to last. This heavy-duty cooker is all you will ever need. Check out these specifications:

Fire Bowl - 1/4-inch heat-treated, laminated steel; 30-inch diameter, 15" deep (90 lbs)
Stand - all steel solid support. Featured below is our optional silver stand, hot-dip galvanized and air-dried (marine-treatment) (30 lbs)
Elevation Brackets (3) - this steel, drop in place for 3" lift on surface (2.5 lbs each)
Grill - all steel, smooth pick-up surface (10 lbs)
Oyster Plate/Snuffer - solid expanded steel (40 lbs)
Fire Tongs - 1" wide, 1/8" thick, 36" long (4 lbs)