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Features & Benefits

Enjoy this unit for the long term, with quarter-inch heat-treated laminated steel. Engineered to last, this solid cooker is all you will need, with a flat expanded steel plate for oysters and a smooth steel grill for steaks and burgers. Removable elevation brackets allow bowl to be tilted for directional warmth.

Great for backyard patio cooking or fire pit conversation, the PauHana Fire Pit Cooker and Warmer offers lots of options. Make a table with an added plywood cover. Even set it up inside the great room with proper ventilation.


The best thing about the PauHana is its versatility. It’s gives you the heat you need for outdoor gatherings in cool weather plus a great cooking surface for anything from wild game to oysters.

A Fire Pit Cooker

Nothing beats the joy of cooking over a wood fire as friends gather around the day’s catch or kill sharing stories as the unmistakable aroma of hickory, mesquite, cherry or pecan envelopes the meat, imparting a flavor that can’t be duplicated in kitchen.

The Pau Hana Fire Pit Cooker brings that and more. There’s even a snuffer plate for cooking oysters or fajitas. This sturdy, versatile cooker is only limited by your imagination.

The absolute best fire pit warmer

If you are finished cooking or just want to gather around the fire for warmth and conversation, here’s where the Pau Hana really shines! Unlike the fire pits you are used to, the unique set up of the Pau Hana gives you a sturdy steel directional bowl! On those fall or winter nights when it’s all about the warmth, you can tilt the bowl and aim the heat directly at your friends and family. It’s the most efficient and beautiful outdoor experience you’ve ever had!

Rugged Construction

The PauHana is created to stand up to both Father Time and Mother Nature. We intend for it to be the last fire pit or cooker you’ll ever buy. Here’s what goes into our rugged fire pit/cooker:

Fire Bowl - 1/4-inch heat-treated, laminated steel; 30-inch diameter, 15" deep (90 lbs)

Stand - all steel solid support (30 lbs)

Elevation Brackets (3) - this steel, drop in place for 3" lift on surface (2.5 lbs each)

Grill - all steel, smooth pick-up surface (10 lbs)

Oyster Plate-Snuffer - solid expanded steel (40 lbs)

Fire Tongs - 1/8" thick steel, 1" wide, expands to 3 feet (4 lbs)